Memory Full

CPC only meeting

Euromeeting 1

27 Jul - 28 Jul 1991


Organizer(s): Black Mission (BMC)

29 Participants

Asterix, Black Mission, BSC, Digit, DJH, Elmsoft, Excalibur, Fefesse, Fred Crazy, Jan, KNS, Longshot, LTP, MCS, Naminu, NWC, Overflow, Pict, Poum, Robby, Rubi, The Rat, The Saurian, Thriller, Titus, TMP, Warlock, Weee!, Wizard

Additional info

LISTE COMPLETE + "Dragonbreed" group ?

Commemorative(s) demo(s)

Euromeeting Demo

MegaPartyDemo '92

Report(s) link(s)

Amstrad 100% #40 (p.70-74)