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m_dr_m * 10 Oct 2021 14:41:04


Friday 13 Oct 2021: FF alpha 8.
* Restricted imports.
* Auto-completion (thanks Toms and Drill!).
* Hexa search (thanks Roudoudou1).

Credi 12 Dec 2021: FF beta 9.
* Can use macro from imports.

m_dr_m * 31 Oct 2021 12:36:11

Well, just auto-completion for now, but faster than on some PC IDEs!

The why and the what are described here.

m_dr_m * 20 Dec 2021 03:37:10


tl;dr: IMPORT and auto-completion still rough, but quite usable.

m_dr_m * 21 Feb 2022 13:02:33 * Modified at 13:03:50

Reminder (thanks @ast): From debugging (trace), While ESC-ESC goes back to the editor without changing the editing location, CONTROL-ESC will bring you to the source line under '>', unless 'source not found' is shown.

So, for instance, you can have multiple breakpoints, conditional or not. CONTROL-2 then CONTROL-ESC will go to the exact source line of the breakpoint that did fire.

m_dr_m * 28 Mar 2022 01:37:33

Next version (FF beta B, somewhere this week) will resolve bug#139.

A new TODO (#10b) has been entered.
Just reading the description might:
- Help you to understand Orgams limitations.
- Help you understand what's happening when this rare but weird behaviour occurs.
- Give you new ideas.

m_dr_m * 01 May 2022 06:17:05


tl;dr: Despite limitations and rough corners, imports are now battle tested and recommended for daily programming.

I was working on a little project with 9 sources, most of them being imported multiple times.

With all those diamond configurations (same source being imported through different ways), I kept hitting some subtle bugs, until I screamed "enough is enough". Well, I didn't scream, but you get my point.

I've added tests automatically generating projects with different import configurations (aka dependencies).
E.g. a 5-long import chain: « A -> B -> C -> D -> E » plus additional direct dependencies (e.g. « A -> C »), for a total of 256 combinations.
It uncovered other little bugs. Those are all fixed now.

The remaining bugs (listed in the notes) are simply inconvenient, not critical.

m_dr_m * 08 May 2022 17:40:07

BetaE fixes bug #14C regarding LOAD directive.

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