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m_dr_m * 05 May 2020 09:14:26


m_dr_m * 13 May 2020 12:10:41

EE-I ; Only bug fixes. Strictly superior to EE-F, G, H, H'

m_dr_m * 12 Dec 2020 13:56:53


* BRK: Exact capture of RMR (+ ROM #) when firmware is used
* BRK + Multiface II: Exact capture of MMR (at least all 7Fxx connections. 7Cxx to 7Exx not handled).

Not published yet. Tell me if you're interested.

ast * 14 Dec 2020 14:55:34

I am...

m_dr_m * 15 Dec 2020 18:28:36 * Modified at 18:29:42

Here you go. That's a very stable version. Only cosmetic changes are needed for the proper release version. It's unlikely to happen soon, unless external participation.

As a ROM developer you might very much enjoy the correct ROM selection at breakpoint time!

m_dr_m * 31 Dec 2020 13:00:34


* 05 Jan 2021: Release Ecstatic Endeavour.
* 15 Jan 2021: Fluffy Flags beta 1: local labels.
* 31 Jan 2021: IMPORT directive.

m_dr_m * 06 Jan 2021 03:28:54

Release Candidate 1! Still on working page.

Excellent year to all Orgams users.
Meh year to all others.

Next step: local labels.

ast * 07 Jan 2021 13:30:28

Thank you man !

m_dr_m * 09 Jan 2021 17:57:56

For your desired features, the offer still stands. I can guide and describe which routines would be needed, so you can contribute without having to read/know/understand the existing code.

m_dr_m * 11 Jan 2021 07:32:55

Release Candidate 2!

No change in Orgams itself, but Z80 v1.0.4 fix CPIR/CPDR timing. I thought I already did that!
Some comments are neater, too.

All I can say is that all documents I've seen regarding Z80 CPC timing on the internet contains at least one error which isn't in Z80.O :)
For flags that's even worse.

m_dr_m * 23 Jan 2021 06:50:35

The FalseFlag Alpha 2 (local labels, type command, display free memory and current tab #) is thoroughly tested, yet not battle tested.

Incoming: Access from MultiFace II to OrgamS trace. Advantages:
* Break into your code without BRK (e.g. in case of infinite loop, post crash...)
* DI:HALT + Stop button only uses 1 word in stack (for the NMI interrupt). BRK uses 2 words (only matters if you use SP for deviant purpose).

In the future, more advantages to come (e.g. proper dump of CRTC registers, ...).

m_dr_m * 23 Jan 2021 09:22:16

It's almost ready. Would it be useful for someone else?

For this person, would you prefer:
• 1/ Direct Jump (direct to OrgamS Trace when pressing stop button). Can be overrode by pressing a key while pressing stop.
• 2/ Indirect Jump (must go to 'Jump' in the menu).

Knowing that for now it's not a perfect remplacement of the MF2 since the page &c000 isn't saved. See todo #62 & #67.
So if you still use MF2 to make complete snapshots, option 2 would be better.

ast * 23 Jan 2021 09:33:52

Option 2 seems better for me!

m_dr_m * 23 Jan 2021 10:51:45 * Modified at 10:51:57

Other advantage: works even if BE00 routine has been overwritten, or isn't accessible (e.g. C2 bank connection).

m_dr_m * 30 Jan 2021 12:32:16

IMPORT incoming. Maybe next week-end.
In the meantime, here is the documentation, for questions or suggestions.

Targhan * 01 Feb 2021 20:50:16 * Modified at 20:50:36

Not a direct user (for now), but I like the guard system and no-clash system. Very cool.

"imports at the begging of the source". I guess you meant "beginning" :).

m_dr_m * 29 May 2021 21:20:19

Latest release here:

That's the same than Release Candidate 2 from Januhairy, which proved to work almost perfectly (except for the known 128 bugs we will never encounter).

m_dr_m * 04 Jun 2021 12:33:20 * Modified at 12:34:02

« when you accidentally type 'EX HL,DE', it would be smart if the editor replaces it with 'EX DE,HL' »

Available in FloppyFlags Alpha 4.
You can also type simply `ex d` or `ex h` (likewise, `ex a`).

Still an 'alpha', but pretty well battle-tested by now.
If you need local labels, that's the way to go.

ast * 04 Jun 2021 12:45:24

Very good, thanks !

m_dr_m * 08 Jun 2021 19:31:30

Thanks to AST, FF alpha 2 is certified fresh.

m_dr_m * 04 Sep 2021 21:29:01

Alpha7 is ready. It's even easier to import from rasm now.

m_dr_m * 19 Sep 2021 03:19:43

Alpha7 certified fresh.
Incoming: restrained version of imports.

Hicks * 20 Sep 2021 15:28:41

Thanks. Flashed since de 3th september!
A little suggestion, in another thread.

m_dr_m * 25 Sep 2021 06:38:05 * Modified at 06:43:47

Site update:

For users, the incoming restrictions of import are described here.

For coders (well, no much difference), I've started to inventory modules here. Some anorgamsia modules (data-structures, memory management and other tools) may be of interest. If it is the case, I can do a better job documenting the interface.

m_dr_m * 29 Sep 2021 14:20:50

« 1.3. Would it be possible to load a "project" = several sources at once? »

See here.

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