Memory Full

Tiny Intro (4k)

Yet Another Plasma!

by Logon System


Release date: October 2012

Links: Pouet | CPC-Power


Spain McKlain (Music)

France Overflow (Code)

This intro runs a fullscreen plasma at full frame rate, using a classic screen-splitting method. The effect is not really new, this kind of plasma has been done for years (even decades) on various other platforms (especially the C64) and in Batman Forever on CPC too. However, Yet another Plasma! makes smart use of rasters and is compatible with all known CRTC types (achieved by setting register 9 to 1, meaning that the effect has a 2 rasterlines accuracy... except on type 1! Which - against all odds - has the peculiarity of still allowing 1 rasterline accuracy!). The plasma pattern is also not static but slowly modified on the fly, one row per frame. All these features combined show some of the most interesting and original plasma variations, never seen before on an 8 bit platform, especially the various raster-based stripe effects are reaaally neat! Everything is nicely synced with the music, which was converted to a compressed AY/YM stream, a data-format known for not being very space efficient, and played back with a custom routine running in constant CPU cycles.