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new audio stuff

BSC * 19 Apr 2020 15:31:47

m_dr_m * 19 Apr 2020 16:05:53

Great! Thanks for raising the bar, the Bach and the bass.

Targhan * 19 Apr 2020 17:08:27

Great potential, though still very raw to my ears.

m_dr_m * 19 Apr 2020 17:12:52

Used with taste, grittiness can do wonders.

toms * 19 Apr 2020 20:36:49

That sounds really promising! Keep the good work!

BSC * 19 Apr 2020 22:30:07

The rawness depends on the waveform at use. This example used 4 different waveforms, each with its distinctive sound. For a real musical piece you have to chose wisely, of course. This demo is a really early example. Maybe using 6% of the total potential of this technique.

ast * 20 Apr 2020 13:08:29

Looks famous.

Beb * 20 Apr 2020 22:12:04

"6%" Ad libitum :)

Hicks * 23 Apr 2020 00:06:10

Very good experimentation, it promises! The AY is probably the chipset with the most under-exploited potential on CPC (and I'm also guilty). Technical details are welcome!

BSC * 26 Apr 2020 13:39:43 * Modified at 14:06:24

I have been reading about and looking at a lot of sound engines and experiments on the C64 and the Speccy in particular. Given the fact that both scenes are way bigger than the CPCs, more people do more kinds of things. This here engine, called "Betalicious Buzzer", is a mixture of Speccy 1-bit-music and sync buzzers. I was kind of suprised to see that no one ever tried that on the CPC afaik. In case anyone is interested to learn what is generally possible, hop over to

This guy has made some fantastic engines and I am aiming at something similar for the CPC. Secret revealed (so more ppl than me can experiment): My engine writes the envelope shape register based on the virtual audio channels, effectively re-triggering the envelope generator. A thing that I learned quite recently, btw! I wonder if other sound-inclined CPCistes were aware of that.

m_dr_m * 26 Apr 2020 22:56:46

Well, yes. Sync buzzer is one of the most affordable technique on CPC, since you only have to access the PSG once per period, and don't even need to (re)send the value!

BSC * 26 Apr 2020 23:44:14

I don't know if I can upload here, so I will just post a link to the CPCWiki forum. It's new musik stuff. Nothing special (but special on the ears), but I wanted to release some of the things I have been playing around with. So here we go:

BSC * 03 May 2020 18:34:23 * Modified at 18:34:38

Another preview!

(I love releasing previews :D)