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Hardware color values

toms * 26 Nov 2018 20:44:05

Is there a kind of logic between the hardware color values (Gate Array) as it is the case with those used in BASIC?

Actually I'd like to play with the RGB values. It's easy with the BASIC values, but I don't see any logic with the hardware ones, forcing me to use a conversion table.

Any idea?

m_dr_m * 27 Nov 2018 13:35:02

It's described in Amslive :)
Base = &54 (Blue, Red, Green all at 0)
Blue=1: -&10
Blue=2: +&01
Red=1: +&08
Red=2: -&08
Green=1: +&02
Green=2: -&02

Colors 4, 13, 22 are exceptions.

toms * 27 Nov 2018 14:09:50

My brother jealously keeps the whole collection to learn to read to his son :)

Thank you for your answer! However we always have to start from &54 to modify the RGB values. Does a solution exist starting from any color? I guess not otherwise life would be much better!

m_dr_m * 27 Nov 2018 15:39:54

Using associativity? Eg from 16 (&47) you want to add some more green and go to 25 (&43): that's -4 as expected.

BTW 7 is also an exception.

But you might be better off using a table anyway to easily deal with clipping for instance.

toms * 27 Nov 2018 21:12:53 * Modified at 21:13:09

« But you might be better off using a table anyway to easily deal with clipping for instance »

That's the solution I chose as these exceptions are not convenient at all, and it perfectly works!

ast * 03 Dec 2018 12:57:34

Using a cpc+ in this case is easier... also doing a table on cpc old is the most clever used technic. Maybe someone could share these tables (starting from black, white, blue, red,...).
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