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krusty * 16 Nov 2018 19:00:27 * Modified at 19:00:40

@jok After seeing your pictures on Amiga I have written a rendering engine based on voronoi diagrams to simulate similar pictures but just providing a list of points with there color. (if I remember well, not work on it since months)

Never found a graphician able to draw such pics however ... If you are interested feel free to write me at krusty.benediction at

jok * 18 Nov 2018 12:22:42

Sure, I will :)

Not sure if I understand correctly your idea though...
..and there may be two different things if you are referring to "my pictures":
1 - 4k executable graphic for amiga 500 (sounds similar to your engine description)
2 - my pictures... just pictures for various retro platforms :)

But in any case - sounds good ;) We may try.

Now I'm working on a standard picture for Amstrad. What I was asking was if someone could test it on real machine.

Hicks * 22 Nov 2018 22:01:41

Hi Jok!
First, congratulations for your work on Amiga!
Do you finally find someone to test your images on Amstrad?
If not, I can help, just send me a message on hicks (dot) vanity (at) gmail (dot) com

krusty * 24 Nov 2018 17:58:58

yep; I've written a PC picture to SNA tool to quickly see pictures on a M4 (or emu for the unlucky guys) to transfer his test

Rhino/BG * 11 Jan 2019 18:55:15

Pleasure to be here again, I missed push'n'pop for a while.

Hicks * 02 Feb 2019 14:29:27

Hi Rhino, happy to see you here.
We missed your demos too ;)

Rhino/BG * 04 Feb 2019 12:21:56

Thanks, It's good to disappear for a while before returning with renewed strength.
Btw, I've seen that your latest productions like Isometrikum and Onescreen Colonies have left the CPC pavilion very high in the last parties. Congrats!

BSC * 29 Sep 2019 14:52:21

One year already! :) Thanks Hicks and co for making this possible. And greetings to everyone.

EliotBenediction * 02 Apr 2020 22:05:24

HI all!

Targhan * 10 Apr 2020 14:30:43

I don't know where to post this, but here it is anyway.

Anyone knows where I can contact Rahow, who did some excellent graphics at various Reset compos? Thanks.

EliotBenediction * 10 Apr 2020 18:40:51

Mail sent! :)

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