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CPC iz not Dead

Written by Hicks on 12/11/2018 9:55:25

imageSteph was the founder member of the demogroup Nephilim in the early 90's. Now that he is back with new projects, it is the right time to speak with him about the past and the future...

Read his interview! (and don't hesitate to leave a comment)

Express yourself!

Written by toms on 28/09/2018 19:40:50

imageWe opened a forum to talk about CPC development and history. You can join the discussions by using your SceneID, a login system maintained by (thanks a lot guys!), already used on a variety of demoscene related websites, such as Pouë,, Capped.TV and more. No more passwords mess!

Before posting, we invite you to read this!

Our grandfather NWC speaks!

Written by Hicks on 10/09/2018 12:28:33

imageAfter some research, we finally got in touch with New Way Cracking (NWC)! We can consider him as the first important Amstrad CPC demomaker, since he started his activities in the middle of 1987. He was the first to do fullscreen, hardware scrollings or classical splitting in a demo... just that! So, here is the interview of NWC!

ReSeT #30 report

Written by toms on 08/07/2018 20:51:48

imageCurious about what happened last week-end in Coutances? Then visit right now the ReSeT #30 page to discover the photo-report written by Hicks! As usual, we also provide the visitors list, the competitions results and a photo gallery. Want more? Then come to ReSeT next year!

This logo reminds me of something

Written by toms on 26/06/2018 8:51:58

imageRemember Push'n'Pop? After some talks, its admins kindly accepted to give us some of their best articles so they won't be lost anymore. Among these, you can rediscover amazing interviews (No Recess, Voxfreax, Batman Forever team, Fano, Lotharek & Jeff, Wake Up! team, Ronaldo) and technical stuff (Zoom initiation, La genèse du Starkos). Have a nice read!

A coding interview

Written by Hicks on 21/05/2018 16:32:01

imageLet's continue our investigation into the Amstrad CPC demoscene! This time, we got in touch with Antoine Pitrou to speak about his conception and practice of demomaking in the mid-90s. Read the interview!

Advertising for friends! We suggest you to read this nice interview of Mc SPE, on CPC Crackers (congratulations MIC!).

Waiting for CPCt 4.0

Written by Hicks on 21/04/2018 15:51:14

imageAfter Roudoudou's good work translating Shrinkler decruncher, Gonzague joined the game with an enhanced version of it (shorter and faster)! How is it possible? Get the answer by reading this article by Gonzague, the mysterious woods' coder.

Revision 2018

Written by toms on 08/04/2018 20:07:45

imageThis year's Revision party was a pure blast! Condense and Vanity made the show by entering the oldskool competitions with their last productions called phX, Onescreen Colonies, Isometrikum and 2 amazing pictures! Of course, these masterpieces deserve a place in our hall of fame!

Thanks to TotO/ ACME, you can re-live the event by reading his nice report (french and english versions are available). You can also visit our photo gallery!