Memory Full

About Memory Full

Memory Full is an attempt to gather on the same website all the historical information related to the CPC scene from the very beginning to today. Currently, we already listed around 600 sceners, 200 events, 80 groups, and more. Each of them has a dedicated page. We also added some pages devoted to records, best productions and articles.

First, the website was a private database constituted for helping me (Hicks) during the writing of a book related to the history of the Amstrad CPC demoscene. Then I asked some help to Toms to transform it into a real public website, and Beb to design the whole thing. However, this book is still in progress.

One more Amstrad CPC website?

Memory Full is not a general CPC portal. Following the CPC scene news is not our aim. It's not either a demo archive, because our friends from CPC Power already do it perfectly.

This research website's only subject is the Amstrad CPC (464, 664, or 6128) because it's the computer we love and use since many years. We will not speak about Amstrad Plus, because we are not competent for that.

The Hall of Fame is a selection of the best CPC demos in four categories. Of course, it's our personal view, explained on each selected production's dedicated page. We also listed the main active groups during the CPC scene history, from the very beginning to today, who made at least one production.

History, an important matter?

For many reasons, we think it's important to pay attention to Amstrad CPC scene history. Here are some of them:

First, the aging CPC sceners won't be eternal, they lose their disks, fanzine collections, and finally memory. In ten years, it could be too late to save all these treasures (souvenirs, photos, etc.). Fortunately, an archiving job already started many years ago (thank you guys!).

Second, knowing history on any subject is always instructive for its pratice. It's a lesson of modesty: we are kind of "dwarfs upon the shoulders of giants", and such a website is also a tribute to the current and past sceners. Furthermore, we must think of the dwarfs of tomorrow!

Third, CPC scene history can't be reduced to a few famous names that everybody already know, and we must emphasize to the contribution of each at each level (including swapping, party organization, club administration, etc.).


Buildind this website was a huge work, and it would not have been possible without the help of Toms who has been programming the whole thing for several months and helped me to fill the database, and Beb who made it pleasant to watch'n'use. Special thanks are flying to the party pictures authors in the Events section especially Odiesoft and Octoate who kindly accepted to share theirs, and to Tom&Jerry/GPA for having given us many party invitation scans (and much much more). Finally, we acclaim the work achieved by the CPC-Power team from where we got many demos, and OffseT for his very accurate emulator ACE.

Hicks in December 2017.