Memory Full

Tiny Intro (256b)


by Arkos


Release date: January 2008

Links: Pouet | CPC-Power


France Grim (Code)

Twistiminus is a 256 bytes intro, showing a 2 colors twisting bar, in mode 1. This never seen effect on CPC was released during the Pou√ęt's January 2008 "256b Twister frenzy" originated from the C64 scene. No music, no gfxs, but a 50hz animation on the whole height of the screen. The essential part of the intro is an approximative, but extremely short, sin-generator which provides the raw data for the twister graphics generator (based on the Firmware's drawline routine) and animation (achieved with a regular splitscreen of many 1 pixel-line tall screens). Due to the size constraint, the video-hardware banging is rather crude and suffers from a total incompatibility with CRTC type 2 (Motorola).

With the same specifications (256 bytes, fullscreen, 50Hz), Grim experimented a kind of twister shading in mode 2 in Twither (released at FOReVER 2009) which goes technically further than Twistiminus.