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m_dr_m * 27 Mar 2022 21:13:42 * Modified at 21:33:09

Mimicking Batmen, I'm vapourwaring my upcoming projects. Without any teaser, enough for easter.
First goal is to re-ignite the flame of childlike excitement in your dead eyes (*).
Second goal is to prospect potential powerful partnership.

In chronological order of potential happening:
- Orgams: fix bug#139 (help welcome)
- Little article showcasing Tom's profiling routine
- Vanity makeup
- 4k Overlanders
- Language port (help welcome)
- Native development article (help welcome)
- Orgams Improvement (help welcome)
- CPCT (help welcome)
- Ayane Alpha 1 (help welcome)

(*) Oh no! I'm twice as bigmouthed now. Fortunately that balances out my self-esteem issues.


m_dr_m * 08 Apr 2022 11:05:01 * Modified at 11:58:00

You may also be interested by those sub-projects, that would any of others.

- MemOmaN. Memory Management (60% existing).
- RomOmaN. ROM Management (unified ROM discovery and far-calls, compatible with both classic ROMs and Cartridge, avoiding the dreadful "you must burn this in ROM 29,30,31").
- Gedeihen. Declarative GUI (Forum post for context, but 70% done and some stuff have changed since.
- Data structures (lists, expendable arrays, ... several already exist.

BSC * 09 Apr 2022 21:25:58

I had another look at your ideas and work for gedeihen and I really like it, so much that I almost feel tempted to try re-start working on the GUI for AyAy. Good CPC productions take years or even decades (look at the famous MPEG player), so I'd be in good company. Anyways, that's indeed an impressive list of cool projects and I hope to see many of them coming to life.