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Hicks * 21 Feb 2021 14:08:53

As you know, Toms and I opened a few months ago a parallel site to Memory Full, dedicated to the development on CPC: 64 NOPs.

Since it is not possible to react on the site, I suggest that we use the Memory Full forum to do it. A few questions for those interested in CPC development: the site has been open for 5 months, what do you think about it? Is there anything to change? What kind of articles would you like to read?

It would be interesting if the articles could be discussed on the forum, so that there would be a trace accessible to all (which is more difficult via Discord).

In the same way, the site is a collaboration between sceners, so you can participate. Since the beginning, we have received articles from Targhan, Roudoudou, Madram, Tom&Jerry, AST, Hwikaa, Grim, and Arnaud. With Toms and myself, that makes 10 different editors for 19 articles currently, we are very happy! Thanks to you all.

Feel free to suggest an article to contribute to the Cause.

Targhan * 22 Feb 2021 20:49:15 * Modified at 20:49:43

I really like 64 Nops. Sleak, fast, simple.

I hope I can contribute when I have more time. Anyway, talking about the articles here is a good idea.

I'm only afraid people will have a hard time understanding HOW or WHEN to use some techniques shown in the article (I'm think mostly about the Grim's article about hashes), so maybe a few simple examples could be helpful (even without code!). Amslive suffered sometimes of the same problem.

toms * 23 Feb 2021 21:46:24

I wish to read an article about sound / sample generation written by Targhan :)

Targhan * 23 Feb 2021 23:50:28 * Modified at 23:51:00

I already wrote about sampling/sample replay, but I don't know much about sound generation itself, I'm sorry. I think Roudoudou has good knowledge about this, and probably other people of course. I'm so bad in math...