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toms * 30 Aug 2019 14:14:45 * Modified at 14:28:11

Last week, Hicks and I visited a game event (Start to Play) where CYMBA was giving a seminar about Nanoloop, the software they use to create their music on Game Boy Advance.

Its interface is really different from a classic tracker (see it in action). I found it more intuitive, encouraging spontaneous tries based on what I ear and not too much the notes, theory, etc. Really efficient as after 5 minutes I could compose something listenable while I never managed to do it in a classic tracker (but I'm not a AY musician). This interface could change the way of approaching the composition on CPC.

Thus my question: since BSC's soundtrakker, all the CPC music softwares have been based on the same interface (except AMC). Maybe it could be interesting to explore some new kind of interface to reach the 10% of the AY capacity? Targhan? Madram? BSC? CNGsoft?

In addition, Nanoloop is based on small loops, allowing some variations into them. Quite interesting principle for a 4K intro :)

Targhan * 31 Aug 2019 17:05:50

It is essentially a step sequencer. You can't compose much with it, but it is a nice toy for live sequencing.

With its simple interface, you simply won't be able to fine-tune the PSG parameter as you would with, say, Arkos Tracker 2.

AMC is still a normal tracker by the way, but it's so awkward to use you didn't notice it :). It only works with clips, not tracks, which is a good idea, provided the interface allows to sequence them easily (which is doesn't). Madram's tracker will work this way (from what we talked about at Revision), with more success I'm sure!

BSC * 02 Sep 2019 20:44:11

I could have said it much better than Targ, but his explanation was sufficiently sufficient ;-)

Once upon a time in cologne, I thought about making a mono step sequencer based on the AYAY engine, adding support for CPC sync (like with those old CPC networks over the printer port) and become a chiptune artist using 4 or 5 CPCs for some funky live chip music, but then I woke up and the dream was gone .. I still like this idea, though :)

Hicks * 05 Sep 2019 23:59:21

Yes, Nanloop is mainly designed as a step sequencer, but it's not as limited as you (Targh) seem to believe. Cymba guys show us very interesting effects.

But the main point is, as Toms said, the new approach of chiptune: with this kind of tool you can't compose in the same way. It's very plug'n'play (everybody can compose with it) and fit well for 4k.

I don't think that the CPC musics will be revolutionized with a new tracker with much more technical possibilities...

m_dr_m * 29 Sep 2019 12:47:03

I intend 'record' to allow two loop modes:

+ Modifications applied on the same clip (to experiment/correct).
+ Modifications applied to the clone of the previous clip (like building on loop in a live concert).

Plus some shortcut to go back in time one bar.

Does that cover Nano's possibilities?

I have also one extra cool idea to enter music, the chipification.