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m_dr_m * 11 Jul 2019 12:14:50


- The command should swap currently selected inks in current window (no need to preselect or anything). The fun part is that invoking the command again undo it (like H and V flips).
- Also we should have a generic way to apply this function (and others) to the whole screen.
- Either with a shortcut to select all screen beforehand (e.g. CTRL-A)
- Or a common modifier key. E.g. If 'I' is used to swap, CAPS-LOCK I would process the whole screen, CAPS-LOCK H would flip the whole screen, etc.

Maybe a handier mode who be a palette re-orderer.
Let's imagine the following mode 1 palette: 26, 13, 4, 0.
The coder, less optimist, select 0, 4, 13, 26 instead. By doing so, the program would automatically swap 0 <-> 3 and 1 <-> 2.
If other colors are selected, the program could reject it, try to find the best matching, or convert the screen accordingly !

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