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iMPdraw v2

ast * 09 Oct 2018 00:01:51

Hi everyone,

You could follow iMPdraw's new feature in



I am waiting for new ideas ! So let your mind working on.
It's time to tell us, what do you expect ?

toms * 09 Oct 2018 11:59:43

It's hard to give an opinion without the possibility to run it... Any download link?

ast * 09 Oct 2018 15:00:21

Unfortunately, not yet !
Only beta testers have it but you can ask some features you would have to have.

List of beta testers :

toms * 09 Oct 2018 17:14:33 * Modified at 17:16:04

Maybe you would get more feedback if you put a beta version publicly available for download because the big thing with a tool is ergonomy, which needs testing.

Actually that's the feature I request! :)

ast * 04 Nov 2018 18:57:28

Public version might be Distributed soon. I'm still working on iMPdraw's xmass file system. Stay tuned!

ast * 03 Dec 2018 13:00:37

I’m working on my house, so iMPdraw will be back at the end of january,
Sorry for the delay but i want to give you my best.