Memory Full

Tiny Intro (4k)

Stop that Nyan Cat!

by Benediction


Release date: April 2012

Links: Pouet | CPC-Power


Czech Republic Factor6 (Music)

France Krusty (Code)

Greece Voxfreax (Visuals)

Bored by the too many Nyan Cat related releases on the demoscene (Pou√ęt fashion), Benediction reacted by presenting Stop that Nyan Cat! on the big screen at Revision 2012. It is the first 4k intro which displays various popular effects including fire, plasma, bump and a tunnel. Fully based on software routines, all the stuff had to be windowed in order to be smooth. The bump and tunnel effects are especially interesting because they are quite rare in CPC demos. The esthetics part is rather well done with the bubblegum palette and the background color changes during the effects which dynamize the static layout (this was never done before). About the bump part, there wasn't space enough to store a whole precalculated table, so Krusty used a half one and interpolated the missing values. That's why the effect is not very beautiful. Note that the music isn't played at 50hz anymore during the tunnel part.