Memory Full

Tiny Intro (4k)


by Vanity


Release date: October 2010

Links: Pouet | CPC-Power

Technical Info

CRTC compatibility: All


France Beb (Graphics)

France Hicks (Code)

France Tom et Jerry (Music)

Moody is a 4Kb intro released by Vanity. It was released in the combined 4Kb intro compo (ie. it competed with modern PC 4Kb intros) at Main #5 demoparty. The intro takes you to a 25fps trip inside a raycasted maze. The images are rendered in flat shading (ie. not texture mapped like in Executionner's Wolfenstein 3D preview) and dithering is extensively used to add new extra colors. The animation is stopped and darkened several time to display some text on top of the image. The exact size of the intro is &F80 bytes, taking into account the extra &80 bytes of the AMSDOS' binary file header. In order to squeeze everything into 4Kb, the music was specifically composed to be "size-optimized" and the Arkos Tracker player routine has been manually shortened and stripped down of every pieces of code not necessary to replay the music. Math-functions are pre-calculated (using the Firmware) during the introduction screen while the "Moody 4K" logo is slowly building up.